It’s all about nuanced and expert help

Chelsea Recovery Associates (‘CRA’) is a private sector specialist in addiction recovery and behavioural health. We are passionate about helping people and incredibly proud to be trusted to provide effective, kind and confidential care.

Our Services

Assessment, referral & treatment planning

Business development advisory & mentoring

Clinical Case Management


Family office advisory

Individual therapy

Psychiatric referral

Addiction is a chronic, relapsing illness that intersects with numerous mental health difficulties (e.g. depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, ADD/ADHD and personality disorders). Addiction can also often be a symptom of unresolved and underlying trauma. Additionally, there are different types of addiction, each with their own subset of unique problems. Addiction is therefore a complex condition to treat.

This means that for people with addiction problems and their families, it can be very hard to know where to start the recovery journey or whose advice to trust.

CRA was founded to provide trusted advice to our clients, families and organisations, and to support them in finding the right help needed to achieve the sort of behavioural health solutions they have set out for themselves.

At CRA, our mission is therefore to draw on our extensive expertise to provide a world-class one-stop shop for anything and everything related to addiction, continuing care, recovery, behavioural health, trauma and co-occurring mental health disorders.

CRA was founded by Dr Cosmo Duff Gordon, who has worked in addiction and behavioural health for nearly 20 years. Dr Cosmo has led teams in South Africa and London, where he founded the globally benchmarked Start2Stop in 2010. Dr Cosmo has been a keynote speaker at international conferences in London and Paris, is a published author in the addiction recovery field and in the academic literature, and has been responsible for the care of over 2,500 clients – from 55+ countries — during the course of his career. This deep experience has allowed Dr Cosmo to create an international network of best-in-class therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, treatment centres and recovery coaches.

Cosmo has quite simply saved my life. I wouldn’t be where I am today, over three years in recovery and free from compulsive behaviours that were completely and utterly destroying my life on an hourly basis.

I never thought I would be able to stop but most importantly get the help that I needed with the right team & treatment plan that was best suited for me.

I met Cosmo for my first assessment back in January 2020, I always thought he had some magic powers as the treatment plan and team he pointed me towards has changed my life and freed me. I am still working with them today.

I couldn’t recommend Cosmo enough.