CRA is proud to offer through-the-line behavioural health services

Assessment, referral & treatment planning

It’s all about an accurate and holistic assessment that leads to a realistic treatment plan and a robust continuum of care. Dr Cosmo leads on assessments. He is able to draw not only on his significant clinical experience but also on insider knowledge of national and international rehab and recovery options to construct the sorts of nuanced and creative treatment plans that can deliver great outcomes.

Business development advisory & mentoring

Dr Cosmo is well placed to provide value added input on business development in the addiction treatment and behavioural health space. Having founded Start2Stop and led it to become one of Europe’s leading clinics before selling Start2Stop to the Florence Nightingale Hospital in 2022, Dr Cosmo has a deep knowledge of the national and international addiction treatment industries. He also has unrivalled clinical experience at the highest levels, having been. At various times, clinical director of residential primary, secondary and tertiary programmes, of outpatient daycare, and of intensive outpatient evening programmes. Additionally, Dr Cosmo has, as a consultant, been engaged, both in the UK and for European clients, in programme design and in devising and delivering training to upskill existing clinical teams. Additionally, Dr Cosmo has been engaged, both in the UK and for European clients, in helping design treatment programmes and in devising and delivering training to upskill existing clinical teams.

Clinical Case Management

The treatment, continuing care and recovery journey can often involve numerous health professionals: psychiatrists, therapists, treatment centres, family counsellors and recovery coaches. There can be conflicting advice. There can be a need for bespoke and concierge care and for thinking creatively outside of the box. There is the ever-present risk of relapse and attendant chaos. This sort of complexity means that it can be very helpful to have an impartial expert involved. Dr Cosmo is hugely experienced in clinically case managing the recovery process, providing best practice advice and in ensuring the sort of joined-up umbrella of continuing care that delivers great outcomes.


CRA work with experienced recovery coaches who can support both the client and the family in achieving their behavioural health goals.

Family office advisory

Dr Cosmo is familiar with providing impartial and expert advice to family offices on issues related to addiction and recovery.

Individual therapy

Dr Cosmo has extensive experience of working with people in early or even multi-year recovery who might be struggling with life’s challenges: addiction, eating disorders, sexual compulsivity, anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, emotional regulation difficulties, and other co-occurring problems.  Dr Cosmo has an international network, built up since 2005. Where indicated, Dr Cosmo refers to clinicians that he trusts to do great work and with whom he has long-standing, multi-year, relationships. Dr Cosmo works with self-funding clients in his private practice, consulting in-person from his rooms in Sloane Square, Chelsea, and also on Zoom.

Psychiatric referral

CRA has strong links with consultant psychiatrists, both in the UK and internationally, that have been built up over many years. We are therefore able to make informed referrals to consultants who we feel will be best placed to help the client in question.