Dr Cosmo Duff Gordon is a chartered counselling psychologist with over 18 years international experience of the addiction treatment field and a global network of contacts. He is an Associate Fellows of the British Psychological Society.

Individual therapy

Dr Duff Gordon runs a small private practice that is based on the Kings Road, in Chelsea, London, SW3.

Case Managment

Dr Duff Gordon is experienced in case managing the recovery process, providing best practice advice and in ensuring the sort of joined-up umbrella of care that delivers great outcomes.

Family Office Advisory

Dr Duff Gordon is familiar with providing impartial and expert advice to family offices on issues related to addiction and recovery.

And more...

Assessment, referral & treatment planning / Clinical supervision / Business development advisory & mentoring / Business / Corporate Advice.

In 2010, Dr Duff Gordon founded Start2Stop, which grew to become London’s biggest private sector clinic for the treatment of addictive disorders, with an international reputation, before selling it to the Nightingale Hospital in 2022.

He also co-founded Gamewell, the first UK provider of accredited CPD education around healthy gaming.

Dr Duff Gordon specialises in helping people with addiction and co-occurring disorders.

Dr Duff Gordon is registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC).