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Individual therapy

Dr Duff Gordon runs a small private practice that is based on the Kings Road, in Chelsea, London, SW3.

Assessment, referral & treatment planning

Dr Duff Gordon assesses for addiction and creates treatment pathways and continuum of care plans that can deliver a great outcome.

Case Management

Addiction sits at the intersection of many mental health difficulties and is a complex condition to treat. The treatment journey can often involve numerous professionals: psychiatrists, therapists, treatment centres, family counsellors and recovery coaches. There can be conflicting advice. There can be a need for bespoke and concierge care and for thinking creatively outside of the box. There is the ever-present risk of relapse and attendant chaos. This sort of complexity means that it can be very helpful to have an impartial expert involved. Dr Duff Gordon is experienced in case managing the recovery process, providing best practice advice and in ensuring the sort of joined-up umbrella of care that delivers great outcomes.

Family office advisory

Dr Duff Gordon is familiar with providing impartial and expert advice to family offices on issues related to addiction and recovery.

Clinical supervision

Dr Duff Gordon is a BPS certified supervisor with over 15 years of experience as a clinical supervisor. He is able to take on a small number of supervisees in his private practice.

Business development advisory & mentoring

Having founded Start2Stop and led it to become one of Europe’s leading clinics, Dr Duff Gordon has a deep knowledge of the national and international addiction treatment industries. He also has unrivalled clinical experience at the highest levels, having been, at various times, clinical director of residential primary, secondary and tertiary programmes, of outpatient daycare, and of intensive outpatient evening programmes. Dr Duff Gordon has been engaged both nationally and internationally in programme design, business development and in devising and delivering training to upskill existing teams.

Business/Corporate Advice

Years of dealing with clients with high profile corporate backgrounds where sensitivity to circumstances and context can be of high importance means Dr Duff Gordon is well placed to advise HR professionals and senior staff on treatment planning and continued care.